ekonomika petniecībaOn the world scale there are more and more discussions about that the part of forest industry and woodprocessing enterprises in the conditions of economic difficulties cannot retain their competitiveness and demand for products in spite of the fast development in previous years.

Always there are enterprises that in financially hard times manage to retain competitiveness and ensure their successful existence. Usually these are enterprises that manage reduce their expenditures to minimum, manage to eliminate technological barriers in production as well as they manage to adjust to market boom and introduce innovative solutions in enterprise operations at the same time observing long-term business principles which allow providing continuous income.

Our advantage is the established cooperation between the forest sector enterprises and the research and educational institutions which is necessary to provide more effective exchange of information between the parties and to increase the exchange of experience and knowledge. Our competence and working methods have formed while participating in different projects together with recognized experts and specialists of the leading enterprises of the sector. Therefore we offer to our clients both: the employees’ training, and our experience in cost estimation and optimization.

Optimization or decrease of the costs of finished goods and services can be managed not only by technical means, but also by increasing the understanding of those managers that directly manage the manufacturing explaining how significant it is to accomplish complete first costs calculation of the product thus increasing the enterprise competitiveness and fostering successful long-term development.

Research directions:

  • Possibilities of promotion of competitiveness of Latvia wood industry and factors that influence them
  • The economic significance of high added value products in improvement of sustainability of Latvia wood industry and their possible solutions
  • The influence of dynamic changes of economic situation on long-term development of forest sector
  • Application of innovative solutions (new products or technologies) and their economic commitment ensuring effective entrepreneurship
  • Studies of Latvia wood industry sectors and factors which are influential / disincentive on them
  • Optimization solutions of resources (costs, labour force, and equipment) for provision of effective entrepreneurship and their analysis
  • The role of complete first costs calculation of the product in the enterprise operation and provision of understanding of this on all levels of company’s management