energetika petniecibaThe demand for energy is continuously increasing in the world wherewith increases also the pollution of the atmosphere, ground and water. The perspective solution of the problem is to look for alternative ways of energy conversion from renewable and environmental – friendly energy resources. Different types of biomass are used more and more widely in energy transformation processes. Solid biomass is extracted from different types of products. For more comfortable transportation and further application it is chipped or crushed by different types of chippers or crushers. Logging operation resides, like branches, stumps and small trees, after chipping or crushing more and more are used as renewable energy source in heat and power plants. The by-products emerging during the wood processing and waste timber products could be also used for energy converting.

To develop and improve the rational use of renewable energy resources it is necessary to accomplish both: the daily quality control, and develop and investigate different technologies of processing of biomass.

Research directions:

  • Quality parameters of solid biomass products and factors influencing them
  • Modeling of energy wood flows and solutions of logistic issues