About Us

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies , Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM)  and the Latvian Forest Industry Federation  signed the founding agreement and founded the commercial company SIA “Forest and wood products research and development institute”, abbreviated as MeKA.

Our Vision

MeKA’s vision is to become one of the most effective forest and wood competence centres in the Baltic States where competent and motivated employees offer services of product research, development and testing, and informal professional education.

Our Mission

MeKA’s mission is to implement the integration of education, science and industry, fostering the  development of forest sector to be the most competitive and dynamic, based on knowledge sectors in Latvia.


  • Direction towards service quality
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Professionalism, event tents its improvement
  • Ethical attitude towards the work and colleagues

Objective and Task

MeKA’s objective is to unite the capacities of higher educational establishment and branch entrepreneurs to build the competitiveness of the forest sector in the Baltic region.

The basic task of MeKA is to solve competently and responsibly the issues of wood and timber product development, and improvement of informal professional education put forward  by the sector.

Course of activities:

  • Research and development projects
  • Services in the field of testing and applied research
  • Activities in further education and support for improvement of professional


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