Forest Machines Operators’ Training Centre

meza masinu operatoru centrsForest Machines Operators’ Training Centre is a structural unit of MeKA, which offers theoretical and practical trainings for professional development of employed harvester and forwarder operators, and tutors new operators.

We provide the possibility to acquire qualitative knowledge about control programs of machines, quality requirements of assortments and many other things related to forest exploitation, and train operators to use effective and ergonomic working methods on harvesters and forwarders made by different manufactures in real felling area.

Training is carried out by professional instructors with in-depth knowledge about forest exploitation and forest machines, as well as great practical experience of work with forest machines and training of operators.

The length of training courses is variable and depends on the qualification of operators and the chosen target skills level. Prior to training courses each operator’s skills are tested using specialized testing program. Posterior to testing program an individual training program is composed based on results.

Contact person for additional information – Roberts Keraitis.