Market analysis

logoDepartment of Economic Analysis and Public Relations offers information on the forestry sector and its processes in local and global markets, as well as the possibility of a dialogue on news, events and processes in the forest sector and its resonance in the society.

Areas of activity:

  • Forest Information Center
  • Forest Information internet resource “”

The forest information center offers information on trends in the European and world markets of wood products, trade statistics and prepare customized market overviews.

Analytical market reports created by Forest Information Center:

  • Review oflumber exports in Nordic and Balticcountries;
  • Review of round wood market in Baltic Sea region;
  • Review of fuel wood prices in the Baltic States;
  • Review of fuel wood market in the Baltic Sea region;
  • Wood products market research, etc.

Contact for additional information – Igors Krasavcevs.

Forest Information internet source “”- is an electronic media that offers high-quality, selected current information about all processes and events of the forest sector and related industries.

The tasks set by “”:

  • inform users about the processes of development and change of forestry and related industries;
  • introduce the views of experts, professionals and entrepreneurs of the forest sector on the economic processes in the industry;
  • informabout the situationon the international marketandits most importantupdates;
  • explain the processes that affect the business environment between the forest industry, the state and society.

Contact for additional information – Sigita Liše.