patniecibaForest and Wood Product Scientific Research Centre is a structural unit of MeKA, which on May 3, 2006 is registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia Republic with register No 444074.

Research Centre organizes and accomplishes research in the field of wood and wood product research and development what is essential for improvement of wood branch competitiveness.

For the exchange of experience and the accomplishment of research activities the Scientific Research Centre organizes and participates in conferences and seminars in Latvia and abroad. The Research Centre very closely cooperates with the leading research institutes in Latvia and also abroad.

Directions of research:

The Research Centre has important role when rendering methodological and technical assistance to one of the largest higher educational establishments in Latvia,- Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA), in accomplishment of study and research process as well as organizing and consulting LUA academic staff in raising its scientific qualification.

The Research Centre pays great attention to upgrading the staff’s qualifications, providing participation in local and international courses, seminars, conferences, as well as cooperating in publishing of the scientific articles. Significant is also contribution in attraction and promoting young researchers.

MeKA is the member of European Network INNOVAWOOD who actively supports the innovation in the forest, timber and furniture industries, and works in the field of research, education, training and technology transfer as well as participates in the activities of FOREST-BASED SECTOR TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM concerning the strategic research development areas.

Contact person for additional information – Andrejs Domkins