Furniture Testing

    The sector of furniture testing of the Testing Laboratory offers the possibility to acquire acknowledgement of furniture quality according to European (EN) and other country standards. Testing reports of the Testing Laboratory are recognized in all countries of EEA.

    In the testing sector of furniture, it is possible to accomplish furniture tests not only according to European standards but also according to non-standard testing methods according to the client’s requirements.

    The Testing Laboratory can help to determine the safety of children’s furniture (e.g., cots, cradles, school furniture), domestic and non-domestic furniture (e.g., chairs, tables, different storage furniture, beds, mattresses, bunk beds) and office furniture (e.g., chairs, tables, different types of storage furniture) in use.

    When testing the piece of furniture, the client acquires not only a testing report but also a consultation about the safety requirements of certain standards. Our experts are responsive, tended to the result and help the client to create a product that is safe to use and confirms standard requirements.

    The staff of the testing laboratory upgrades qualifications by attending appropriate courses and seminars both in Latvia and abroad as well as organizing proficiency testing within the frame of the furniture testing sector.

    Standardized and non-standardized testing of furniture and similar products to confirm the safety of furniture and other products.

    • We perform furniture testing both within and outside the scope of accreditation. (Every year we expand and expand the scope of accreditation, but if the specific method is not yet accredited, we evaluate our technical capabilities and make a decision together with the client)
    • We offer to test for product design and development purposes. (Development of new products. Development of existing products. Business incubators and startups. These and many other cases are feasible through indicative testing.)
    • We perform durability, static and other types of tests on various types of furniture and equivalent products.
    • We help to plan and implement an inspection program in non-standard cases, according to our technical capabilities and competence. (There are times when an innovative product does not have the appropriate standards to evaluate it. Then there is nothing left but to use our knowledge, expertise and technical capabilities to evaluate the product)
    • Consulting and assessment of children’s playgrounds. (When creating active toys or playgrounds, it is valuable when the product created is evaluated by an independent body and the shortcomings are pointed out before the product is produced)


    The following product groups we test most often:

    • Children furniture
    • Home Furniture
    • Furniture for public use
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Office furniture

    Product compliance standards are listed below:

    LVS EN 716-1+AC:2019 | LVS EN 1130:2020|

    LVS EN 12221-1+A1:2013 | LVS EN 747-1+A1:2015|

    LVS EN 16139:2013 | LVS EN 1725:2001|

    LVS EN 14749:2016 | LVS EN 16121+A1:2017|

    LVS EN 16122:2012/AC:2015 | LVS EN 14988+A1:2020|

    LVS EN 12520:2016 | LVS EN 12521:2016*

    LVS EN 1176-1:2018* | LVS EN 1930:2012*

    LVS EN 527-2+A1:2019* | LVS EN 581-1:2017*


    *Out of accreditation scope

    LVS EN 581-2:2016* | LVS EN 581-3:2017*

    LVS EN 17191:2021* | LVS EN 1729-2+A1:2016*

    LVS EN 1729-1:2016/AC:2016* | LVS EN 71-8:2018*

    BS 8509:2008+A1:2011* | LVS EN 15372:2016*

    LVS EN 14749:2016 | LVS EN 16121+A1:2017|

    LVS EN 16122:2012/AC:2015 | LVS EN 14988+A1:2020|

    LVS EN 12520:2016 | LVS EN 12521:2016*

    In accordance with the standards of requirements, we perform testing in accordance with the following test standards:

    LVS EN 14073-3:2004 | LVS EN 14074:2004|

    LVS EN 1725:2001 | LVS EN 14749:2016|

    LVS EN 16122:2012/AC:2015 | LVS EN 1730:2013|

    LVS EN 1022:2019 | LVS EN 716-2:2017|

    LVS EN 1130:2020 | LVS EN 747-2+A1:2015|

    LVS EN 12221-2+A1:2013 | LVS EN 14988+A1:2020

    LVS EN 1728:2012 /AC:2013 6.punkts | LVS EN 12521:2016*

    LVS EN 17191:2021* | LVS EN 1930:2012 *


    *Out of accreditation scope

    LVS EN 581-2:2016* | LVS EN 1176-1:2018*

    LVS NE 1729-1:2016/AC:2016* | LVS NE 1729-2+A1:2016*

    LVS EN 13150:2020* | LVS EN 71-8:2018*

    BS 8509:2008+A1:2011* |LVS EN 12899-1:2008 4.1.2. punkts

    LVS EN 12899-1:2008 4.1.2. punkts

    Vilnis Jakovļevs

    Head of the Furniture Testing Sector Phone: +371 26146243

    Kristina Kozlovska

    Laboratory Engineer of the Furniture Testing Sector Phone: +371 20042901

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