P29 “Development of prototypes of prefabricated specialized wooden structural modules”

Project P29 implemented in the period from January 2021 to June 2022:

  • An experimental structural module designed to be placed in outdoor operating conditions has been manufactured and studied;
  • The study has shown that the mechanical strength and durability of the experimental product would be sufficient;
  • The fire resistance characteristics of the construction module are low;
  • Under normal operating conditions, condensation is not expected to occur in the enclosing structures of the module;
  • Airborne sound insulation R’w (C; Ctr) 36 (-1; -4) dB has been measured, which is not a high indicator, however, it can be considered that the level of sound protection is sufficient;
  • Indicators of air permeability and heat resistance comply with regulatory requirements.

Additional information – https://mnkc.lv/petijumi