Wood Materials and Technologies Research

Fostering the wider application of wood is one of the basic tasks which is also stressed in the long-term planning document “Latvian Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform Vision 2030”. It is very essential to solve technical and technological issues timely to use wood and timber materials more widely. There should be convinced conventional wood product fitness for the new application or should be created new products for the new field of application.

The main current issue is to increase wood competitiveness in construction both applying it in the operations where it is used already and removing barriers, which do not allow using it more widely and more effectively. Therefore there are carried out well-planned and long-term studies for new solutions of wood application and for possibilities to introduce innovative materials.

Wood Technology emphasizes a combination of introductory and advanced machine operations for furniture construction and cabinetmaking. Current industry standards are introduced. Students conceptualize solutions to various problems, then design and build a final product.

Directions of research:

  • Evaluation of quality of Latvian industrial wood species as structural material, depending on growth conditions and forestry activities;
  • Forecasting the quality of timber by applying high accuracy sensor technologies for evaluation of round wood quality
  • Forecasting of plywood quality depending from the quality of raw materials and manufacturing technology
  • The possibility to use low-quality wood for manufacturing of wood composite materials
  • Setting strength parameters for solid and glued structural timber materials using non-destructive testing methods
  • Comparison of methods for determination of timber strength properties
  • Research of wood equilibrium moisture content for Latvian wood species under different conditions
  • Improvement of wood exploitation properties by changing physically mechanical parameters


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